Company Quality Policy Statement

Wan Chung Group was established in 1982 and has provided building construction, interior design and fitting-out and property maintenance services in the Government and Private sector within Hong Kong. The experience gained over the years has strengthened our abilities to continue delivery a quality and service to our client’s satisfaction.

The primary objective of this Company is to fulfill the needs of the client in providing a quality product and service that meets both contractual and regulatory requirements. From tender to post-contract stage, this Company clearly defines objectives and directions, utilized resources in a planned systematic, efficient, safe and cost effective manner, and through continuous evaluation, assessment and review of each department’s management functions, increase the quality and ability of both management and front line staff and thus achieving our objective in continuous improvement in area of quality, safety and customer service.

To achieve the above objectives, Wan Chung establishes and maintains an internationally recognized Quality Management System for implementing in both the Company Head Office and the Site Offices, and with active involvement from staff, regular departmental review of objectives, proposal of effectives improvement methods, all to ensure the Company’s Quality Management System shall maintain effective and continuously improving.

Wan Chung’s Quality Management System is established and developed in accordance with the standard and requirement of ISO 9001:2015, and the operation needs if this Company’s current activities. Set out within the Quality Manual are guidelines for each department’s responsibilities towards ensuring a quality service and their general objectives, the role and duties of each member of staff, arrangement and procedures for quality monitoring and control, all with a view to enable Wan Chung to effectively become a quality and customer oriented company.

On behalf of the Board of Director of this Company, we are committed in providing adequate resources to every department to implement all necessary arrangements. The Company will hold regular Management Review Meeting in discussing and assessing the Quality Management System, with view to make continuous improvement and necessary changes to ensure the system maintain in effective use.

Each staff is required to recognize this policy and play an active role in implementing this Company’s Quality Policy in every area of activity for which they are responsible.